Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a combination of deep massage techniques that are very effective at;

  • loosening up tight, sore muscles
  • speeding up healing and recovery after injury
  • improving range of movement, alignment and balance within the body
  • clearing out damaged cells and minimising scar tissue
  • removing adhesions and trigger points
  • removing metabolic waste and toxins from the body via the lymphatic system
  • helping you relax by lowering blood pressure and offsetting adrenaline and noradrenaline production.

Is Sports Massage for me?

Yes, Sports Massage is for everyone!

It is the technique favoured by top-level athletes to aid with range of movement, flexibility, strength and injury recovery.

However, it is just as beneficial to non-sports people. As well as treating strains and sprains and other injuries, it’s fantastic for combating the general aches and pains caused by our everyday lives like back, neck and shoulder pain.

It’s also great for relaxing tight muscles and relieving tension and stress in our bodies and minds.