Nutrition Coaching

Tired of calorie restrictive diets? Sick of crash dieting and seeing no long term results? I thought so. Let me show you how to really understand and manipulate your diet whatever your goals are.

Educating you and helping you learn is key to the long term success of your diet. I will help you truly understand food and its impacts on your body on a scientific level, leading to you eventually apply the information with confidence and independence of me as your coach. Knowledge is power people!

I advocate the ‘flexible dieting’ approach which allows you to still be able to eat your favourite foods as part of your diet, alongside healthy, nutrient dense foods.

I don’t just help you understand why you should eat a certain way, I also show you HOW. It’s very easy to give people a list of do’s and don’ts but the real challenge for people is implementing these things into hectic schedules and busy lives. Supporting you in this area is where I shine.

Whatever your goals, are whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, to improve your health, to aid in performance, I can help you.